Garden Villa Verona


Prestigious Villa situated in Verona

Lizzeri has been contacted to make the garden an one with this villa. A garden made entirely of synthetic grass: beautiful, sure and clean

But, to realize all that, it is due to pass from some processing to have a quality work. Processing that we will be happy to explain.

Processing Steps:

Extirpation of the ground:

The first phase consists in the extirpation of the ground so start preparing it for synthetic lawn. In this way the roots of the natural grass are removed.

Usually you have to get at least 20 cm of depth.

In part you will find an example of extirpation with our professional  crane with hydraulic bucket.

Laying of cloth antiroot

Posa telo anti radice

In the second phase is inserted above the ground a cloth antiroot, ideal for preventing the growth of weeds and to isolate the synthetic lawn laid on the ground.

Laying of stabilized crude for background

Posa di stabilizzato grezzo

Third phase consists to put above the cloth raw material to ensure a perfect drainage of water.

Laying stabilized thin for final levels – Mechanical press of the ground

Posa di stabilizzato fine

Fourth phase is applied a finish with a thin stabilized material and a final leveling.


The fifth phase consists  in the mechanical press of the ground through compressor roller.


In this way goes out a clean work and a stable surface to be able to adapt the synthetic lawn.

Laying of the synthetic grass

Sixth phase, arrive the time for laying of the synthetic lawn on the ground just pressed


Mechanical brushing of grass and fill with quartz sand

The last phase consists in the brushing of grass to make the grass more lucid. In addition it fills with quartz sand which stabilizes the grass and makes it thicker protecting.


Province of Verona



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