Synthetic Grass

Charm of the Green

Our professional synthetic lawn


Our products are applicable only by our highly qualified staff , according to your needs and above all to the place where the product will be applied, will perform :

  • specific processes

  • personalized treatments

that will keep your lawn more beautiful and durable.

  • Pratical

  • Economic

  • Resistant

  • Environmentally friendly

The convenience first, the synthetic grass requires no maintenance.

No cost for cuts or irrigation.

The grass is long lasting retaining its natural appearance.

It does not require treatment or chemical fertilizers.

Hypoallergenic and made with 100% recyclable materials.

Innovation, tradition, quality and creative art, aesthetics, service: these are the values of the company Lizzeri.

Our lawns are all produced according to European standards , maintaining a very high quality standard.

Our lawns are certified and guaranteed, and for this reason they are applicable in kindergartens or playgrounds where children can run and play freely on a soft and safe surface.